About me

I started my career in the financial services industry with one of America's elite firms and one of the most talented advisors in the country. We catered exclusively to high net worth clients, most of whom had highly complex financial situations. It was during this time that I realized I wanted to usher my generation, the Millennial generation into an era where, they too, could receive the same level of financial service that traditionally has been denied to them, due to a lack of wealth. I am proud to offer a concierge level of service to clients ages 20 to 40 who are looking to accelerate their financial future. 

I am a proud San Angelo Native. I married my wife, Kristen, a local Registered Nurse in 2006. We have 2 wonderful children, Zane and Addison, that keep us busy. I have a passion for serving others, a love for all things finance and the desire to see you achieve all that's important to you!